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Cataloochee Ski Area




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Adaptive Skiing
Cataloochee Snow School's Adaptive ski program teaches adults and children with disabilities how to ski and enjoy lifetime winter activity. It's based on the belief that anyone who suffers from a physical or mental disability, can still learn and enjoy the fundamentals of skiing or riding with the proper instruction. Our instructors are certified by PSIA and our goal is to give everyone the opportunity to participate in snow sports regardless of their disabilities. We strive to instill in our students the belief that they too can achieve their goals and dreams without limitation.
Equipment in available for people who have the following disability:
1. Visual Impairment
2. Cognitive Disabilities
3. Developmental Disabilities
4. Cerebral Palsy
5. Multiple Sclerosis
6. Muscular Dystrophy
7. Traumatic Brain Injury
8. Spinal Cord Injuries
Adaptive Lessons
We offer full and half day lessons. All lessons are by appointment only. This is to insure the proper equipment, instructors and volunteers are available for your lesson.
Our Motto
You too, can succeed if you are willing to try because snow sports are for everyone!
For more information, contact:
Samuel J. Lloyd 828-859-2832 or contact the ski school at 828.926.0285, ext. 7315.